Toyota FJ Cruiser 6 Inch Lift Suspension Kit

You are probably wondering the function of Toyota FJ Cruiser 6 inch lift that is designed to increase the height of the ride for the sake of performance. After all, the FJ Cruiser is designed for both on-road and off-road use. But then again, why the 6-inch lift kit? And what do you expect from such a thing?

The Suspension Lift Kit

Toyota Fj Cruiser 6 Inch Lift

Toyota Fj Cruiser 6 Inch Lift

Here’s the thing about the car modification: almost all car owners do it. Not all owners do, but most of them like to do such a thing. The idea of car modification, especially when it is about the suspension modification, is to raise the vehicle frame and also body so there will be enough extra ground clearance. As a result, you will need bigger tires. Not to mention that such a thing will increase the suspension travel, which is the amount of wheel movement vertically, which is allowed by the car’s suspension.

The thing about Toyota FJ Cruiser, 6-inch lift, is that it is considered to provide enough ground clearance for the car – enough to make offroad travel convenient and to allow higher performance. The 6-inch size is deemed to be ideal enough – it is ample enough to lift up the car’s frame, and yet it isn’t too high that will cause jittery or wobble to the vehicle. Keep in mind that not all brands or manufacturers are able to provide such a requirement so you will have to do your search – and be sure that the lift kit is just ideal as you want.

Different Kits and Price


Keep in mind that there must be different prices for different kits. For instance, the FJ Cruiser 2007 2 inch spacer lift kit costs around $200 while the FJ Cruiser 2007 3 inch Nitro N3 shocks lift kit costs around $250.

When you want to choose the right lift, just be sure that you select the one with the correct specs. For instance, the kit should be easy to install with bolt-on mechanism

6 Inch Lift Kit For Toyota Fj Cruiser

6 Inch Lift Kit For Toyota Fj Cruiser

. It can increase the ground clearance, and it can level the front side with the rear side of your car. Don’t forget to find out the information of the body mount or ground clearance, such as the ability to install 35 inches of tires, for instance. And remember that reliable lift kit requires enough installation time, at least 6 hours in total. Be sure to choose the right Toyota FJ Cruiser 6 inch lift for your needs.

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