Toyota FJ Cruiser Price 2018 for the New Type

Don’t be too surprised with Toyota FJ Cruiser price 2018 considering that it is set for around $47,000. It may seem high for your liking – or others – but rest assured that you will get a worthy performance and specification for the rough ride. Not to mention that the solid construction will be made better and more robust for the 2018 model, so what are you waiting for?

The General Feedback

Toyota FJ Cruiser Price 2018

Toyota FJ Cruiser Price 2018

A lot of people who have tried this vehicle claim that the ride is harsh, which makes it perfect for the offroad setting. Sure, you can also use it for the on-road use, but don’t you think that it would be such a waste? Wasting such power and the rough ability for the smooth ride is too painful if you want to think of it.

Most reviews claim that this FJ Cruiser is stronger and more potent than the 70 Series from Land Cruiser. And with Toyota adding the diesel option to the mix, you can expect more power and boost of strength. With a diesel turbo V8 engine with 4.5-liter capacity, you can expect more from this offroad ride. The output is 151 kW of power and 430 Nm of torque, which means that you only break a sweat a little to produce such a massive ability. Think about it: the combination of powerful V8 engine and powerful diesel machine will be powerful enough to create such an impressive ability that can take you anywhere in the offroad setting. Although a lot of people say that the Toyota FJ Cruiser price 2018 is probably set too high, it seems like the first spending when you want to have such a powerful monster in your garage.

The Specs and Features

Toyota FJ Cruiser Price 2018 in USA

Toyota FJ Cruiser Price 2018 in USA

Whereas most things are getting softer, it’s not the case with this Cruiser. Is it more macho? Yes, it is. Is it more powerful and rugged? You can bet on it! Not to mention that the engine technology is getting better, so it is reliable and trusted. The design will have the signature 70s touch and yet there is also a sense of modernity to it, such as the audio system with the USB port and CD player, and even the onboard navigation system.

In the end, it’s you to decide whether this FJ Cruiser will be ideal for your driving needs. With a tag price of $47,000, the Toyota FJ Cruiser price 2018 may seem higher, but you know what you can gain in the exchange.

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